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Creation notebook #7 - Abyss

Carnet de création #7 - Abîme

If there is one perfume, taken from VIOLET's past, whose aura has hypnotized us for so many years, it is ABÎME. Can there be a more captivating name? What does it evoke? What does he smell? In what context did it appear? So many unanswered questions that led us to reissue this fragrance full of mysteries. She has gradually become the proud representative of VIOLET's forgotten perfumes.
First of all, you should know that we are not sure of the release date of ABÎME. We readily speak of 1930, but we lack a source to cross-check and corroborate this date. This lack of information feeds all the mystery that reigns around him. There are, to date, only very rare photos of the bottle of ABÎME and no means of obtaining it. We won't even mention its vintage smell, because it's been a long time since we hoped to smell this forgotten perfume. For all these reasons, ABÎME has become the perfume of meanders. A name he wears wonderfully. 

This natural narrative hook had to be translated into a scent. How to transcribe with raw materials terms like oblivion, dark and bewitching? The concept of ABÎME was born, its fragrance would soon follow. 
The genius of Nathalie Lorson was then expressed. The master perfumer behind each of our creations has brilliantly managed to put scents on the words and reflect this almost mystical loss of bearings.
The design of the perfume revolved around esotericism and the spiritual. Notions intimately linked to the world of the depths.
So we built a perfume around incense and Palo Santo (article here ), two raw materials dear to mysticism. Then we went to look in the depths to extract notes, both persistent and dark. We then turned to materials such as elemi, pepper and cedar to support the facets of the scrolls. But also more explosive notes like chilli and bay leaf. 
The release of ABÎME just after COMPLIMENT is no coincidence either. If COMPLIMENT was thought of as a solar and “feel good” fragrance, Abîme is positioned as the dark and bewitching fragrance of the heritage range. Shadow and light, day and night.

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