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Creative Notebook #6 - Compliment

Carnet de création #6 - Compliment
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Then located rue du faubourg saint honoré, the VIOLET perfumery released the COMPLIMENTS perfume in 1939. 82 years later, his successor loses the "s" to become COMPLIMENT : The one who really matters.


VIOLET Compliment perfume bottle with flower bed

To lift the veil around this perfume, it was necessary to contextualize the year of its release. 1939 is known as a dark year in Western history.

If we readily retain the tensions due to the rise of the extremes, the first dictatorships in Europe and especially the beginning of the Second World War, we often fail to depict the atmosphere, and in particular in France, during this first half of the year. It was a real time of carelessness and levity. The poet Léon-Paul Fargue even wrote speaking of the summer of 39 "Here they are approaching, the holidays, buzzing like Valkyries, fine and loaded with gold like the three Hesperides" And it is precisely in this context frivolous that COMPLIMENTS was born.

It is from this invigorating insouciance that the new version of COMPLIMENTS is inspired.
A luminous, solar and romantic fragrance to best transcribe the essence of plenitude in the heart of troubled times.

Like when you receive or give yourself a sincere compliment, we wanted a perfume that transcribed this scintillating euphoria. To do this, the master perfumer Nathalie Lorson opted for a fresh and bursting start composed of explosive raw materials such as palmarosa, freesia or even violet leaf.
The heart and base of the perfume are structured around a veritable sun of white flowers. From tuberose to ylang ylang via sambac jasmine and grandiflorum jasmine, this solar star radiates an intoxicating purity. It cleverly blends orange blossom, iris, benzoin, vanilla, flaxseed or even an extract of hay.

Top Notes: Peony/Freesia/Orange Blossom
Heart Notes: Tuberose/Jasmine/Ylang
Base Notes: Hawthorn/Vanilla/Heliotrope

With its release scheduled for sunny days, it will be the feel good fragrance of the heritage range. More than well-being, compliment advocates "being well"

“Whether in the midst of a silence or in the tumult of a conversation, after an absence or in the heart of the routine: compliment yourself.

Whether in the reflection of a mirror or after a personal reflection, in the individuality of a crowd or isolated from it all: compliment yourself.
Whether for you or for the other, expected or sudden, offered or received, a single watchword: compliment yourself.
Because a compliment is an invaluable gift, a piece of lightness snatched from the divine to blush the cheekbones and soften the lips.
And from these stolen words emerges a perfume. An intoxicating olfactory force that arises when two worlds meet: COMPLIMENT and you. »

Ultimately, the youngest is part of what a perfume can give you most sincerely and most generously: a simple compliment.

Receive a trial dose at home by clicking here

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