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Creative Notebook #2 - Autumn Purple

Mood board parfum Pourpre d'Automne - Carnet de création - Violet

Mood board perfume Pourpre d'Automne - Creation notebook - Purple

Pourpre d'Automne was undoubtedly Violet's most iconic creation.
Having obtained numerous distinctions at universal exhibitions and other competitions, it represented French know-how. At the time, the house commissioned Lucien Gaillard to create its bottle. Container that will later become a symbol of art deco. The presence of Pourpre d'automne in the first three perfumes of the heritage range was obvious. He was and will remain the witness of the poetry and lyricism that Violet conveyed in all his creations.

Its bottle covered with vine leaves and its name, an inexhaustible source of interpretations, already transported us to a universe rich in colors and smells. The inspiration manifested itself even before having felt the composition. The ideas fused and followed one another.

Purple Autumn Purple Period Poster, Creative Notebook

Pourpre d'Automne was a chypre-floral fragrance.
An atmosphere with earthy and woody emanations transported us to the humid heart of arboreal mosses. This almost cavernous atmosphere masked fine, sparkling and delicate notes of rose, vanilla and musks. Jealous guardian of the keys to a fantastic secret garden, was this an analogy to the rose, the one that protects her perfumed heart with its piercing thorns?

After many attempts, we could not find this poetry and this sweetness of the initial composition. Sometimes it's important to know how to wipe the slate clean and start over again. This is precisely what we have done. A decision that paid off, because the next track was the one we keep. The colorful accord of purple shades was translated by rose, iris and violet. He appealed to the smell of lipstick sticks or even that of rice powders. A hint of violet leaf at the top brought this vegetal touch and echoed the illustrations of vine leaves. The fruity notes, between peach and plum, reflected a certain carelessness. A base lined with musk and tonka bean enveloped this fragrance with a seductive trail.
An effect of Saxony mousse, the base used at the time, reminded us of the chypre and autumnal universe of the accord.

Raw materials Pourpre d'Automne perfume - Creation notebook - Violet

Not only had we rediscovered the spirit of Pourpre d'Automne, but also all of Violet's lyricism. We had finally returned to this fantastic garden that had been closed for too long.

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