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PURPLE commitments

Les engagements de VIOLET

When you are a small structure like ours, you are often faced with difficult choices. Should we abandon such 100% recycled paper in favor of such paper for a question of supply? Can we really use this fragrant raw material knowing the impact of its production on its environment and on the local population? This component costs one and a half times more than this one, but its supplier is much more in line with our values; can we afford it? 

So many complex situations that deserve appropriate and intelligent reflection. Are we perfect in all our answers? Without any jargon: No. After all, who can really claim to be? On the other hand, what we are proud of is building a house that comes a little closer to its ideals every day. Admittedly, we still have to make a few more concessions today, but it's the better to be intransigent tomorrow.

There are commitments in our policy that we made from day one and we have never abandoned them. 

Offer products that make sense. 

Perfume is not an essential item, no offense to marketing enthusiasts capable of making it vital with their speeches. Keeping this idea in mind, we want to give a higher dimension to this product. This is why VIOLET takes part in social actions. 

— On average, 16.5% of the profits generated on each Tanagra are donated to the Solidarité femmes federation, a network of associations helping women victims of violence. — On each bottle of CYCLE 001, one euro is intended for bee fund, an organization that supports the cause of bees. As there are only 1000 bottles and we want to continue this action, two euros are donated to the Bee Fund for each refill of CYCLE 001 sold.

— In partnership with ESSOR, we participated twice in the Christmas of 40 young single mothers in difficult social situations.

Adopt initiatives that are increasingly concerned with the environment. 

Already, for all shipments we have favored 100% natural and 100% biodegradable corn starch filling chips. We have also abandoned the polypropylene adhesive tape for adhesive Kraft paper  made with 60% natural materials. In addition, each box used for our shipments is made up of at least 75% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Finally, the cycle range has made it possible to fully initiate our ecological ambitions. Between responsible packaging, the refill concept, the absence of cellophane, paper labels for samples and refills, CYCLE 001 marks a turning point for the house. Ambitions that rub off on the heritage range, but we will tell you more in due time. 

Finally, it is essential for us to favor local partners in the evolution and development of the VIOLET house. 

Because, even if everything we do should simply be common sense, we are happy to participate at our level in building a more responsible perfumery. 

See you soon, 

Anthony, Paul and Victorien. 

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