The House

- The perfumery Violet -

Maison Violet, une maison Historique

A historical brand

Founded in 1827 by Mr. Violet, the Violet perfumery marked the French cosmetics industry. Holder of several patents including one for thridace soap, the company received many awards during its existence. Based at several addresses in Paris, Violet was especially famous for its 12 Boulevard des Capucines shop.
Maison Violet, une maison Historique

The Conquest of European courts

In 1842 Violet officially became a supplier of the Empress Eugenie and Queen Isabella II of Spain. The bee, symbol of the Empress, was therefore affixed on each bottle and became an important trademark. In 1858 the shop took the name "To the Queen of bees - Violet House" to establish its legitimacy. The committee of the 1867 World Fair particularly distinguished the work of Louis Claye, then Director of Violet, by rewarding several products of the House.
Maison Violet, une maison Historique

After Europe, the rest of the world

At Louis Claye's death, Violet was one of the largest French perfume houses. In 1885 when Aaron-Marc Rehns was appointed head of the company, Violet was listed on the French stock market. The company then entered an era of export. Present in many countries across the globe, It could also be found in the United-States under the name of Veolay. It became an important industry with over 250 workers in its factories.
Maison Violet, une maison Historique

The end of a Chapter

After many years of success, the various world wars and crisis weakened the perfume house. Violet eventually stopped activity around 1953. However, Three young men from Paris brought the company back to life in 2017.

- Violet today -

Maison Violet, une maison Historique

The start of a new one

It is on the benches of a perfume school in Paris that 3 friends decided to restore this old French perfumery. Becoming the successors of Violet, Victorien, Paul and Anthony gave the name rebirth. Their profiles, although different, were driven by the same passion for perfume and history. Friends and colleagues, their complementary characteristics have allowed them to rebuild a modern brand with respect to Violet’s past.