When something changes, everything around it evolves in the same way. The name became Un Air d’Apogée and is characterized by dark leathery notes that contrast with a bright mimosa. The tobacco absolute mixed with a combination of spices adds a haunting dimension to the chord. The woody notes interpret a soft and gentle ballet. A never before seen interpretation of the leather family.

A description withers alongside what is felt. Un Air d’Apogée is a captivating perfume. The equinox of attraction, the quintessence of controlled seduction. Its bewitching effect has a hold on the one who wears it and submits the one who smells it. It does not seek to embellish the person who owns it, It completes him. It cherishes and gives him all the sophistication of which it is the sole owner. To be one with its perfume is to reach the climax, to reach the wake’s « Apogée ».

Top notes : Anise, Sage

Hearte notes : Honey, Mimosa, Cedar wood

Base notes : Balkans Tabacco, Leather, Ciste, Ambrox

Un Air d'Apogee

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Volume 75ml