Sketch is a mystery. In its name, its history and its essence. Originally this perfume was named Ambre Royal. 24 years later it is called Sketch. Astonishing appellation for an oriental whose wealth would later, turn pale, the palaces of the greatest sultans. Its chypre patchouli infusion which screams “a la mode” answers to a nutmeg surrounding and a timid tuberose. This originality caresses the zesty and spicy whip of departure. The whole, wrapped in a musky fur.

A description withers alongside what is felt. Sketch is an outline. A stroke of a pencil on a gold leaf. The richness of its fragrance is matched only by the elegance of its wake. Sketch is a jewel, an ambience. It imposes a solar vision on an already radiant blend. Deep, sensual and reassuring, Sketch is the theater of all possibilities. Mastered and improvised, sovereign and popular. Sketch represents what we all have deep inside us, self-esteem. At the end of the pen, Sketch stuns with it’s humble fatuity. The desire to please. The sketch of a present day. Sketch is a golden pencil for the body.

Top notes : Bergamote, Nutmeg, Pink Pepper

Heart notes : Rose, Tuberose

Base notes : Patchouli, Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean


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Volume 75ml