Iconic creation of the Violet House. With its iconic bottle adorned with blushing leaves, Pourpre D’Automne was the first perfume in the historic collection to become a must have. A name deeply rooted in its time, had to answer to a simple and modern reading, respecting its rich and opulent past. This antithetical step found an obvious answer in the rose. A purple rose hugging an iridescent violet. A chypre in an autumnal atmosphere with slight underwood notes that encloses the union of the two eras. This vision suddenly gave meaning to the fragrance and the name at the time.

A description withers alongside what is felt. Pourpre D’Automne is draped with a silk chiffon. Its soft colors radiate deep into the heart. They depict a fragility marked with recklessness. A rose stinging a porcelain skin. A crunchy musk in a juicy peach. A plum drawn with chalk on a school board. Surreal? This is how we qualify Pourpre D’Autumn.

Top notes : Violet Leaf, Peach, Plum

Heart notes : Rose, Iris, Violet

Base notes : Moss, Benzoin, Musc

Pourpre d'Automne

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Volume 75ml