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Creation notebook #5 - Blue cloud

Carnet de création #5 - Nuée Bleue

Blue cloud inspirations

It was at an auction in 2018 that we acquired Nuée Bleue, Violet's notable and expressive signature. Thanks to its special position in the genealogy of the House, this perfume is now part of the heritage range, playing a pivotal and evocative role.

Released in the mid-1950s, Nuée Bleue was the last fragrance marketed by the eponymous perfumery. She thus became in the eyes of history, the ultimate witness of an era, the opening to all possibilities.

Its name leaves in the hollow of the ear a feeling of “then”, of immediate future. Yesterday like today, Nuée bleue is turned towards the next moment, towards what will happen, leaving in its wake what is gone.

These ideas of change and the future, dear to Violet's avant-garde vision, have allowed this perfume to become the messenger of the Heritage range, the harbinger of an omen and a renewal. The Blue Cloud is for tomorrow. 

Starting from a name is an exercise widely used in perfumery. The blue cloud had several meanings for us. It was both a moment of fullness and high tension. An in-between that would be perfectly embodied by the Fresh Waters family. It is also a moment when everything is both light and heavy, waterlogged and dry. So many sensations that had to be transmitted via smells.

In order to complete the heritage range, we wanted with Nuée Bleue, an exacerbated dimension of freshness. We will then use bergamot and lemon to bring this zest of lightness. Notes that we will mainly feel at the head of Nuée bleue. Orange blossom, ambivalent by nature, will serve as a binder between the citrus head and the floral body of the perfume. A carnal facet that will express itself mixed with carnation and iris. And as in the team we are intransigent on the staying power of our perfumes, the woody sandalwood and musk base will sign a persistence worthy of the heritage range.

Raw materials Nuée Bleue Violet perfumes

Over a hundred many tests were necessary for its development and as many raw materials added and removed before arriving at the expected result. It was one of the most complex perfumes to create and certainly the longest to develop with more than two years of development. This work has given us new freedom and opened up wider horizons for the heritage range but also for the house. Because like the Blue Cloud, this perfume is the harbinger of change.

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