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I was in first in high school when a friend came to find me to tell me that his relationship with...
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anecdotes d'odeurs

Odor stories

Have you ever wanted to shine in society? Bringing out anecdotes each crazier than the next? ...
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Carnet de création #7 - Abîme

Creation notebook #7 - Abyss

If there is one perfume, taken from VIOLET's past, whose aura has hypnotized us for so many ye...
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Le Palo Santo

The Palo Santo

The Palo Santo, a damn fragrant wood.  You may have already come across his name during a ...
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La peur de sentir mauvais


Olfactory disorders are subjects that are often dealt with at VIOLET. In order to learn more,...
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Parfum et marqueur social

The perfume in the relationship to the other

For once, I would introduce this article with a personal anecdote. The other morni...
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Les engagements de VIOLET

PURPLE commitments

When you are a small structure like ours, you are often faced with difficult choices. Should we a...
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L'odorat et la mémoire

A scent of memories

Why is the sense of smell so linked to memory and how can a smell that we haven't smelled ...
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Votre peau modifie t'elle votre parfum ?

Does your skin modify your perfume?

Skin Perfume  One would think of a perfume that it always smells the same. Eternal beacon in t...
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Pourquoi ne sentons-nous plus notre parfum ?

Why don't we smell our perfume anymore?

  “I've had the same perfume for twenty years, but I'm really unhappy. For some time I can...
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Parfum pour la rentrée scolaire

Back-to-school ticket

A back-to-school fragrance “New year, new me! How many times have we repeated this sentence on...
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La tubéreuse


If there is one insolent that has fascinated us for months to the point of...
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Carnet de création #6 - Compliment

Creative Notebook #6 - Compliment

Receive a trial dose at home by clicking here Then located rue du faubourg saint honoré, the ...
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Saint Valentin et parfum

Why do we offer perfume?

Is it a gift like any other? Not really, when you think about it. Perfume is an...
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Brève histoire du savon de parfumeur

Brief history of perfumer's soap

Solid, liquid, Marseille, Aleppo, Castile, Ayurvedic, black, surgras, dermatological, donkey's m...
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Angélique Plantation


ATTENTION: SOW BEFORE THE END OF JUNE 2021 Hello there, apprentice horticulturis...
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Sentir les saveurs, goûter les odeurs.

Smell the flavors, taste the smells.

Retro-olfaction or the art of smelling flavours. Before shouting at the abusive use of oxymoron,...
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Anosmie odorat COVID

Anosmia, the silence of a sense

We shine the spotlight on an often misunderstood disability that is making a big comeback on t...
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Nait-on nez ?

Are we born nose?

  O you, who in the maze of the internet desperately seeks an answer to the question: are there...
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Comment se parfumer ?

How to wear perfume

Just look at three factors, hold, sillage and personal palatability. What is magical is that these three factors are verifiable after one day.
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parfumerie exclusive, niche fragrance

Feel unique

It doesn't matter the bottle as long as we have exclusivity Rarity and consumer have often g...
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CYCLE 001 limited edition fragrance

CYCLE 001 - Message from the team

9 days left before the Kickstarter A modern name, an industrial look, minimalist packaging...
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Parfum confinement gel hydro alcoolique

The confined perfume

This article was written just after the deconfinement in France  Perfume is a gift. Mainly...
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Angélique fleur parfumerie matière première

Raw material sheet - Angelica

Today we are opening the herbarium of Violet perfumery to the page of angelica or angel grass fo...
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Chimie en parfumerie

Perfumery Guide #5 - The Importance of Synthesis

Could we make the title more engaging? It's hard to say, but it's true that we could have ...
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Fiche matière première - Le mimosa

Raw material sheet - Mimosa

The mimosa, the emblematic winter flower of the Côte d'Azur, is also widely renowned for its...
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Violet à la reine des abeilles

The trademark "A la Reine des Abeilles"

You will certainly have noticed that all of our bottles are covered with a circular stamp re...
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Carnet de création #5 - Nuée Bleue

Creation notebook #5 - Blue cloud

It was at an auction in 2018 that we acquired Nuée Bleue, Violet's notable and expressive sig...
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Le naturel en parfumerie

Perfumery guide #4 - Natural perfume

Originally, the problem was avoided, eluded or even erased, then, one fine morning, the wo...
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Parfum masculin ou féminin ?

Perfumery Guide #3 - Gender in Perfumery

"It's a beautiful perfume that you wear Madame... or Monsieur, it doesn't matter" What a soc...
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Flacon vintage de Pourpre d'Automne de VIOLET

Perfumery Guide #2 - Storage

We are often asked a question, and rightly so: How long can I keep my perfume? Unfortunately...
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Pyramide olfactive pour parfumerie

Perfumery Guide #1 - Pyramid, Hold and Concentration

This article will be dedicated to three conventions of the world of perfumery: The olfactory p...
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Mood board parfum Tanagra - Carnet de création - Violet

Creation notebook #4 - Tanagra

Looking for vintage bottles or posters is an integral part of our work. It is by bringing toge...
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Mood board parfum Un Air d'Apogée - Carnet de création - Violet

Creation notebook #3 - An Air of Apogee

After tracing its origins with Sketch, and resuscitating its poetry with Pourpre d'Automne, it...
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Mood board parfum Pourpre d'Automne - Carnet de création - Violet

Creative Notebook #2 - Autumn Purple

Pourpre d'Automne was undoubtedly Violet's most iconic creation. Having obtained numerous di...
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