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Does your skin modify your perfume?

Votre peau modifie t'elle votre parfum ?

Skin Perfume 

One would think of a perfume that it always smells the same. Eternal beacon in the night, we would turn to him when everywhere else, realities fluctuate and vary. After all, they leave on our memories, indelible stains, markers that transcend time and space. Unfortunately, to believe that would be to make the most terrible mistake and earn you an immediate appearance in smell court. A perfume changes, adapts, improves, sometimes also deteriorates. It depends on so many factors that it would be almost tempting to write that in the same bottle, each spray is different from the previous one. 

In the plethora of reasons that modify the perception of a fragrance, one has caught our attention and it is often the first cause: the skin. Eh yes ! The largest organ in the human body imperceptibly alters our favorite scents. By what processes does the latter change the perception of a perfume? 

Perfume and its evolution on the skin

Beware, leaker! it is necessary to discard a very widespread received idea. Certainly, the skin plays an important role in the perception that we have of a perfume, but to think that it can be completely modified by the latter would be on the order of fantasy. Reality hides in subtlety. 

 First, there are the physico-chemical reasons for the skin:

— pH: Each skin has its own acidity which can vary between 4 for the driest skin to 6.5/7 for the oiliest. This notion is to be taken into account when looking for the reasons for the changes in the smell of your favorite fragrances. 

— Perspiration : made up of 99% water and 1% mineral salts, antibodies and toxins, perspiration through its acidity can affect the odorous molecules of perfumes.

— Sebum: consisting mainly of lipids, it is the ideal food for many microscopic bacteria that are found on the skin under our arms and around our genitals. These same bacteria are responsible for our body odor by consuming our sweat. More sebum = more bacteria = stronger personal odor. 

— Temperature: Since the skin is at an average temperature of between 33 C° and 36 C°, it is mainly involved in the diffusion of the perfume. 

Without forgetting the environment. Because other factors are taken into account in the perfume/skin symbiosis such as medication, stress, anxiety, lifestyle, smoking, illness, pollution and all external aggressions. The skin is the organ that is in constant contact with the outside. This perpetual solicitation forces it to constantly adapt in order to best play its role as a barrier function. There remains a cause that I have knowingly silenced, because I reserve an individual article for it, as the subject is so interesting: FOOD.

Food and its impact on our smell

In conclusion, what you wear depends on many factors and the skin is an important one. You will forgive me for pushing an open door, but we all have different skin and each one will react differently to the same perfume even if the latter will remain in its essence, the same. If COMPLIMENT is a bouquet of white flowers on Louise, it will not become an amber on Thomas. On the other hand, the skin of Louise will be able to exalt the indolent and animal smells of jasmine. All he has to do is find out if this nuance, Louise has it in her skin. 

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