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La tubéreuse

If there is one insolent that has fascinated us for months to the point of devoting a HERITAGE perfume to it, it is tuberose. Narcotic flower, voluptuous, sensual, radiant, enveloping, we have no shortage of superlatives to describe this diva of the fields.



It must be said that historically, it has enchanted humanity for quite a long time. So why would we be an exception? Although it was only introduced to Europe in the 16th century, in the heart of the Mexican central plateau, the Aztecs, a people as mysterious as they are mythical, had been exploiting it for a long time. 

representation of a flower by the Aztecs
Pattern of a flower by the Aztecs
What could we say about tuberose that hasn't already been said, celebrate what hasn't already been celebrated?
A bit of botany to start. It is a bulbous herbaceous perennial plant of the Asparagaceae family. Did I lose you? Do not panic. A perennial is simply a plant that lives for more than two years (as opposed to annuals). The term "herbaceous" to summarize very, but then very summarily, sticks to any plant that is neither a tree, nor a moss, nor an algae (and even then). Bulbous? Who has a bulb. And the Asparagaceae family is a group of botanical classification that includes asparagus, hence its name. And when we compare tuberose and asparagus, there is an air of resemblance!
Asparagus Tip // Unhatched Tuberose Tip
Olfactorily, its fresh flower is divine. Jasmine, animal, heady, creamy and velvety, it has all the addictive facets of its companions; the white flowers, more carnal. 
Once transformed by the various processes specific to the perfume industry, its absolute retains the same characteristics, but becomes slightly more earthy, camphorated and medicinal. 
It is from this absolute that the perfumer will let his art express itself. For COMPLIMENT, Nathalie Lorson diminished the animal and indolent facets to emphasize the sparkle of the flower. Exacerbating its naturally spicy side, the master perfumer imagines a tempestuous and figurative tuberose, with a freshness that almost depicts crunchy petals under the nose. If it is not yet the case, to test urgently here ! The sweetest song we could offer to a singer usually considered rowdy. 
Because there are many legends in which tuberose undermines the chastity and integrity of young women. For a long time it was perceived as a passionately tempting flower that exists only to steer clear of those who have the misfortune to smell its vapours.
With such a label, it seems appropriate to push its sensual facets. But as at VIOLET we deeply love the surprising, it is the sunny, radiant and joyful side that we wanted to celebrate. 
Today, we think, rightly, that before being turbulent, tuberose is earthy.

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