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How to wear perfume

Comment se parfumer ?
"How to wear perfume" ? But the answer seems obvious. Just take your bottle and spray it on yourself. What perfume ? What part of the body? How many sprays? At what moment ? But come on, where do you get all these questions from? Let me think. Finally, you are right, the question may be legitimate after all. So let's get back together, shall we?
What perfume ?
In search of your future olfactory signature, you stroll through the aisles of a selective perfumery. The number of available references leaves you hanging arms. But how the hell can you come out with a smell that suits you? We will never repeat it enough, but haste is often the mother of disappointment. To appreciate a perfume in its entirety, it is not enough to smell its top notes on an olfactory touch in an atmosphere saturated with different smells. It must be tested on skin or clothing, for a full day. A perfume is worn, adopted, tamed. You may love vanilla facets, but depending on how they're treated in a particular fragrance, they may not do you justice when worn. Some formulas deconstruct faster than others depending on the tenor of your skin. Many questions will be answered if you give the fragrance some time.
As for the rules, there are none. Just look at three factors: hold, sillage and personal palatability. What is magical is that these three factors are verifiable after one day. So to the question: Which perfume? we will answer: let time advise you.
How to wear perfume?
What part of the body?
Coco Chanel said: "Scent yourself where you want to be kissed."
On the skin, behind the ear, in the neck, on the wrists, in the hair, at the pulse points: that is to say the places where the heat is concentrated, for example the joints; there are a thousand schools. To put the church back in the middle of the village while claiming that we know the perfect location would be presumptuous and wrong. Within the Violet team, the majority apply perfumes to the neck. Quite simply. Now, some of you prefer to spray it on clothes. Your humble servant who writes these few lines is one of them. Once again, there are as many schools as there are opinions: hemlines, collar, knit of the sweater, even umbrella. All textiles are perfumeable. Me ? Old school of course. The torso and the neck. END. It seems good to specify that if the hold on clothes is excellent, the diffusion is less pronounced than on the skin.
Perfume the skin
How much spray?
“A spray is for you; two is for the other; three or more, it's for the world” even if this adage quickly meets its limits, it fairly accurately represents the overall idea. Indeed, the quantity depends on the intensity that you want to give to the perfume. Keep in mind, however, that from a certain number of sprays, the smell reaches saturation. That is to say, it is the same to perfume yourself with 5 or 10 sprays. The second way to play on the intensity is to choose a more concentrated fragrance initially. You will agree that an eau de Cologne will not in principle have the diffusion of an eau de parfum or a perfume extract since there is a correlation between diffusion and concentration.
At what moment ?
There is morning, afternoon and evening. Perfume yourself whenever you want. Attention ! If you no longer smell your perfume, this does not necessarily mean that it is no longer there; the nose/brain couple may very well be used to the smell and no longer distinguish it. It is always a good idea to ask your loved ones if they still perceive your wake before you perfume yourself again.

Here is what we can advise you on the application of fragrant auras. The rules are vague, the directives non-existent and the orders obsolete. Only your pleasure counts; in this matter, you draw the lines.
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