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Raw material sheet - Angelica

Angélique fleur parfumerie matière première

Today we are opening the herbarium of Violet perfumery to the page of angelica or angel grass for friends and we will begin its presentation with a short story.

This plant would take its name as well as its nicknames from the visit of an archangel on earth. The latter would have descended from the sky to teach men the medicinal properties of the plant in order to save them from the black plague.

Herbarium angelica perfume

What we know from a reliable source is that the angelica archangelica is primarily native to central Europe and the Nordic countries. Cultivated in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, angelica is a plant that loves humid and marshy regions.

Imbued with a baroque leaning, the plant is ephemeral and flowers only once in its life, often after three years. Its seeds are then harvested in mid-July during its flowering, and its roots during the winter.

Angelica is a heritage in itself. It has fascinated man for centuries and the latter still grants it many medicinal, culinary and phytotherapeutic virtues.

In perfumery, angelica is not left out either and we use it mainly for its seeds and roots. They are processed by steam distillation to obtain an essential oil. Note that its yield is around 0.10% to 1.00% depending on the treatment of the seed or the root.

Angelique perfumery raw material

Many of you are familiar with the olfactory signature of angelica. Even if its suave and powerful smell is mainly characterized by its green, woody and spicy notes, the perfumer will appreciate it for its range of facets: its incense, earthy and especially musky notes. Did you know that exaltolide (a white musk) was discovered naturally in angelica root.

It is for this richness and generosity that it is very popular in fine perfumery and is used in the composition of great fragrances such as Angélique Noire by Guerlain, Bel ami by Hermès or Angélique sous larain by FM perfume editions.

At Violet, we love anything with a heritage and to say Angelica has a loaded one would be an understatement. As we are above all fervent restorers, angelica particularly touches Violet's sensitive chord. So maybe, we say maybe we will soon give him the opportunity to write a new story with us. 

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