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Creative Notebook #1 - Sketch

Mood board parfum Sketch - Carnet de création - Violet

Mood board perfume Sketch - Creation notebook - Purple

When we took over Violet in January 2016, we also started collecting period perfumes. In the various finds, one stood out as its name and its history were rich in symbols. Sketch would be among the first three fragrances in the heritage line.

Firstly because it appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and was one of the first perfumes, in the sense that we understand it today, of the House. 19th century perfumery was less creative and more experimental. He drew the foundations of what was to become one of the largest French perfumeries.

It was then a symbol of renewal because, originally called Royal Amber, it was renamed Sketch in order to be exported to new continents. Throughout its history Violet adapted to the times and constantly renewed itself, which we will strive to honor.

Sketch Royal amber vintage bottle, Creation notebook
Sketch was therefore a premise, in its composition and in its history. He was the outline of Violet's future and today he is the trait that binds us to her past.

Visually, the sketch paper archives told us about a particular enthusiasm for the Pope's currency. All of the period advertisements, as well as its magnificent art deco bottle, echoed this lunar plant with pearly reflections. A choice that does not seem insignificant when you venture your nose into this radiant composition!

Sketch by Violet, old poster Lucien Gaillard in the illustration, Carnet de créationSketch by Violet, old poster Lucien Gaillard in the illustration, Carnet de création

After evaluating the period fragrance, we analyzed its composition.

From an olfactory point of view, Sketch belonged to the Oriental family, as its initial name suggested. A soft and enveloping, luminous and comforting fragrance, a strong character, an entity in its golden palate.
We transcribed these different feelings while adding our own signature as well as that of Nathalie.

From the first tests, the addiction of oriental chords was palpable.
The dazzling freshness of citrus gave way to the unctuous notes of ylang and the opulence that only rose can confer. Vanilla mixed with tonka bean enveloped us in a soft sweetness. Patchouli and its retro/modern facets gave the accord an equally chypre dimension.
Once the skeleton was built, we tried to embellish the accord with unexpected facets in order to bring the originality of the perfume, this side never felt.
Nathalie had the brilliant idea of ​​using nutmeg at the top, very little used in fine perfumery at the time. Tuberose has been added in the heart to amplify the composition's solar radiance. Then we accentuated the fur effect in the background with musky and animal facets, making the accord all the more enveloping.

Sketch Perfume Raw Materials - Creation Notebook - Purple
After seventy-nine tries, the perfume was finalized. Very far from a sketch, Sketch became the fresco of the House.